The CW’s “Heroes v Aliens” is based on DC Comics’ INVASION! Mini Series

So essentially actress Danielle Panabaker (who plays “Caitlin Snow” / “Killer Frost” on “The Flash”) has just essentially confirmed that the Heroes v Aliens 4-night crossover on The CW was based on the DC Comics! Well, besides the nekkid “Dominator” aliens, of course :p
WHAT-IS: ”Invasion! was a three issue comic book limited series and crossover event published in late 1988-early 1989 by DC Comics. It was plotted by Keith Giffen, and ties up a great many plotlines from various Giffen-created DC series, including Omega Men, Justice League International, and Legion of Super-Heroes. A trade paperback collection of the three issues was released on September 3, 2008." (Wiki)
COMICBOOK PLOT: "The emotionless, calculating Dominators have put together an Alliance to invade Earth and eliminate the threat posed by their unpredictable "metahumans". After purging the galaxy of numerous potential threats to their plan - securing Darkseid's non-interference by assuring him that they would not destroy the planet and thwart his quest for the Anti-Life Equation, assassinating many former members of the disbanded Green Lantern Corps, and attacking the Omega Men - the Alliance launches a massive attack on Earth, overrunning Australia and establishing a base there from which to conquer the rest of the planet."
I remembered purchasing these when they came out, based on the names of Keith, artists Bart Sears and Todd McFarlane! LOL

Regardless of how much the current crossover event is based on the source material, here’s hoping it’ll be a fun ride!

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