Supergirl On The CW!

I’ve truly wanted to LIKE Supergirl, but tried as I could (admittedly not as hard as I could have tho…), I never could watch the entire first season … and now, Supergirl moves from CBS to The CW, where most DC Comics superhero characters currently resides, and it made so much more sense, and the major plus point for me (personally), is that she will not be “alone”, and that pleases me so!

The above promotional video might be "old news" now on the www, but the below video clip of the Supergirl Panel in San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24) is not! :)

Come December, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will crossover, and I could only but rub my geekboy-hands-in-glee to see what happens then! “Crisis on Infinite Earths” - TV Lite Edition? LOL