Comicbook Characters Guest Starring In DC's Legends of Tomorrow Include...

So I've since devoured two episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow and utterly enjoyed it (but have yet to gather my senses to blog about them ooooohhhhhh ~ but will soon), and one of the things that endear themselves to my own personal tastes, is that it feels like a literal "comicbook" unto live action on unfolding on the television screen! And with the "time-travel" theme blown wide open, massive geek-orgy of characters is truly delectable, and looks like we'll be treated more to the character buffet from the DC Comics Universe!

Teased on the @dccomics Instagram are a series of images, which we as viewers were encouraged to "solve" via photo filters, whereby they reveal characters to guest star in upcoming episodes! So far we have the Civil War era "Jonah Hex", World War 2's "Sergeant Rock" (of Easy Company), and even the kitchen-pot-helmet-wearing "Ma Hunkle" (AKA "The Red Tornado" - first ever version / info via io9) - eclectic, to say the least, and a wide span of timelines! And with Golden Age (1930s-1950s) heroes like Wesley Dodd’s "Sandman", masked vigilante "Hourman" and the blind superhero "Doctor Midnite", it's looking a lot like we'll be getting the Justice Society of America / JSA?! Granted, the Hourman comicbook character they depicted was the android (modeled on Rex Tyler's DNA) time-traveler from the from the 853rd century tho ...

We'll see "who" gets teased in the days leading up the the next episode of the series on The CW!

And this is not counting the "old man" version of "Oliver Queen" from "The Arrow" in an upcoming episode, AND the introduction of "Connor Hawke" AKA Son of Queen, and the second "Green Arrow"? (Stephen Amell said it himself!)