#watched #DarkMatter S1E8 #SPOILERS

Last episode THREE gets his time to shine, while this ep SIX gets more screen time … *SPOILERS AHEAD*

With the $$$ discovered in the previous episode, the crew visits a Space Mall, eats in a restaurant and gets drunk, while "Griffin" AKA SIX takes a little trip to rediscover his past … THE ANDROID wakes up and as well goes thru a little "self discovery" … AND we get to see the "real" face of ONE, and a "new character" is introduced, with a connection to one of the crew members, and perhaps his reasons for coming onboard The Raza.

The above is my summary … you can check out the official wiki entry below :)

DARK MATTER S1E8 SYNOPSIS: "While docked for repairs and supplies, Six uses clone transport technology to try and track down a man from his past. When Five tells the others, One and Four go after him, only for One to discover that his clone has his real face. Digging deeper into his genetic profile, One discovers his true identity, and a possible prior connection to Three." (Episode Eight)

Things have taken a slightly darker turn than the usual and I am liking it! Each character shows growth and evolve as the viewers go along for the ride, and I appreciate the efforts. AND budget seems to increasing, as I see better CGI presented, at the very least the space station? LOL

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