"Her Way" Trailer for Marvel’s #JessicaJones (Season 2) on Netflix

"Jessica Jones is a hard-drinking, short-fuse, mess of a woman who is just trying to make a living as a Private Investigator in New York City. She’s super strong but is haunted by a dark past that keeps her from truly becoming a hero."

In short, "Jessica Jones" is a "train-wreck", and she is the "hero" we/I appreciate - because in spite of what she avoids doing, in spite of her own life-situation, she attempts to do the "right thing" (*even of it looks to be self-serving in this season :p), which in this day and age, makes her more rounded, and perhaps even more relatable and "real" a "reel" character to grow from comicbook page to celluloid/media/live-action (*moreso than say "Black Widow" on the silver screens, anyways... and no, I have yet to watch "Black Panther" :p), IMHO.

I'll certainly be watching the f88k out of Season 2, for when it premieres on Netflix on March 8th!

*CLICK HERE to read my fawning over season 1 HERE, and check out the entire 13-episode in 'Season 1' (2015) on Netflix (Rated: M18).