Korean Television In The Heng Household

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When mum's favourite show on TV is Korea's #OhMyBaby!, you'd tend to be a bit stressed about needing to give her grandkids to play with ... Heh. #henglife

We watch a spectacularly amount of Korean television programming here in the Heng household, in Singapore, with mum fixated on multiple tv dramas (Mum has retired but teaches art and painting part time), and sister on her fav reality shows, including "Real Men", and singing contest shows like "Superstar K" and "Show Me The Money" … while I had been invested tons on dramas like The Producers, Ex-Girlfriends Club and Orange Marmalde (stopped at Ep5 tho :p), and most recently loving "My Love from the Star" on local television ... but not as much recently (am into Western and Japanese tv these days…) … it's one thing to have caught the K-Wave, but another to have it as part of our daily lives now LOL


P/S: I am Chinese and do not understand a lick of Korean, but prefer to listen to actual Korean audio and read English subs (like I do Japanese and/or anime), while most Korean dramas on local cable have subbed Mandarin dialog/audio.

#watching #superstark7 thanks to sis' influence #iliketeevee

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on