#journal: Collecting X-Files

Plans to head out to CSC today has been temporary thwarted by #XFiles ... And well, the rain... #henglife

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Frankly, I am still undecided if my current fascination and attraction to the X-FILES TV series is based on perceived "hype", or my own personal preference.

I look at the trailers and posters for the 2016 debut, and breathe a sigh of "meh" … but looking back at tv re-runs (claimed above) and digging up the array of collectibles I own (see below), I begin to wonder the reason WHY the past seemed more "exciting"… and perhaps the past WAS.

The memory of the tv series, or whatever medium any media or concept, can be gauged by the level of collectibles related to said media, I hoard. Because I hoard selectively - based on personal preferences versus "needing to get the hot-new-everything", and because I am a stingy-ass Chinese Man with a chasity-belt on my wallet LOL … make that a "CASHity-Belt", fhanks!

I remember trading cards and comicbook adaptations (both from Topps), phone-cards, even toy figures, and funnily enough, each time I hold thee items in my hand, the theme from X-Files would echo in the back of my mind, in spectacular stereophonic sound, i shit y'all not! ((Okay, so many not in "stereophonic sound" lah … :p)

So maybe "collecting" my enjoyment of the X-Files was time-period-specific, and not necessarily a long-term notion, like I would "Nightmare Before Christmas", or even "The Crow" when I find them now (as "toys" more likely tho, as my personal collecting preference has also lathered based on "affordability" :p) … or simply, the merchandize fo the 2016 X-FILES has yet to rear it's he'd, to tempt me unto unhealthy hoard-ery activity (again)?

Meanwhile, I'll still dig up my past X-Files hoard, and perhaps arrive at an "answer" later …