iZombie's "Liv Moore" as an Action Figure? Seen @ San Diego Comic-Con 2015

"Olivia Moore" from The CW's iZombie as an "action figure"? That toy-reality was on display at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con (July 8-12) via DC Collectibles (alongside Gotham and Arrow + The Flash TV toys).

Looks like the figure comes with splendid accessories like a bedpan with brains in spagetti, a red bottle of Sriracha sauce, interchangeable hands (one holding chops-sticks) and what I can only imagine is a headsculpt with red eyes as Olivia goes into "zombie-mode"!

OMG I cannot believe I am getting so exceed for this figure!!! LOL

Now, if the figure comes blister carded with the ART done by creator Mike Allred, then this would indeed be a slice of geek-=heaven, methinks! Updates if I have them :)

(Uncropped original image via MWCToys)