#watched #PennyDreadful S3E5

How do you follow up a spectacular episode of #PennyDreadful aired a week before? You can't, even if you choose to poke someone in the eye with electrocuted juice ...

Interesting that the previous ep was all in an enclosed padded cell, while this ep is about being in the vast outdoors ... While not exactly a huge WOW episode, S3E5 of #PennyDreadful serve to remind us of the drama we are following, with zero appearance of Vanessa and "John Claire" in this round, which gives our intrepidly brain-warped "Dr Frankenstein" and "Dr Jekyll" a slight nudge to the inevitable, while Wolfboy-"Ethan" goes home and we get to meet daddy Talbot.

Remember "Hecate" of the Lucifer-worshipping witch coven in Season 2 (which plagued Vanessa's life)? She has appeared since S3E1 and is now a series fixture, and (sole) temptress to Ethan, which to me provides a sexualized-drama needed in the wild west segment of this series thus far, which showcases zero women too!

"Ethan and Hecate, Sir Malcolm and Kaetenay, and Rusk and the rangers all continue the trek across the western landscape. Frankenstein and Jekyll test their modified serum on their subject with miraculous results. Hecate encourages Ethan to embrace his dark side; they also reveal secrets to one another, bringing them closer. With Ethan's agreement, she summons rattlesnakes to kill the rangers; Rusk and the head ranger survive although Kaetenay is bitten. Ethan appears to accept his darkness more and more, and makes love to Hecate.

In the desert, Ethan's horse collapses, then later Hecate's, forcing them to continue on foot. Hecate later collapses from the heat and is barely alive when Sir Malcolm arrives with Kaetenay, also barely alive. Sir Malcolm attempts to murder Hecate, but Ethan won't allow it. Riders summoned by Ethan's father, Jared Talbot, arrive and take them to the household, leaving Kaetenay to die at the request of Ethan; Sir Malcolm is unhappy with this.

Talbot requests Sir Malcolm's assistance in dealing with Ethan. He shows Ethan the room where their family died at the hands of Native Americans, saying that he will pay for his hand in it, aiming his pistol at him, and demanding he repent then and there on pain of death and damnation."
("This World Is Our Hell")