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This notion floated thru my mindscape as I watched HEROES REBORN Ep3 unfold before me on local cable TV: "That I am now attempting to watch this only because of the good memory I had of HEROES Season One…", because by the end of this episode, the unanswered questions had me disinterested to actively continue to watch future seasons, as I felt my patience tested, and wearing thin.

The blatant truth (in my mind) might be this: This series might work to charm folks unfamiliar with the "humans with superhuman abilities" concept seen constantly in comicbooks, and now in the media of film and television, but to geeks like me? It feels like a "rip-off" of - which no doubt seem "unfair" to the producers and makers of the series, but perhaps my opinion is just of one person only, "me", and I am fine with that, no worries.

But it does not warrant any semblance of "hate" from me as well .. I don't think it "sucks", or anything vaguely "vile", just that this is not my cuppa, is all. Even if I find myself sat in front of the telly on a Friday evening and I channel surf to find this, I might not switch off the tv and chuck the remote out the window, yeah? LOL

Only other way I can imagine to someway experience this series in full, is if I let the season end, then binge it at a single go afters … then perhaps my patience may be kept at bay, no?

Yes, I also recognize I had spent an entire blogpost trying to justify needing to watch this series ~ LOL