The CW's Heroes v Aliens Crossovers Were Fantastic! Thank You, CW!

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Having finished the 4th & final part of the 4-night #HeroesvAliens #Invasion! crossover on #TheCW, I admit I was near tears, as the credit rolled and the theme song played for DC’s #LegendsofTomorrow - tears of utter geekjoy or simple joy of experiencing a FUN event that crosses beyond the googlebox and multiple dimensional timelines or existence of geekery that put a big’ol smile in my comicbook-loving heart, IMHO.

And while it might not have been “100% Perfect” (…came pretty darn close tho!), it doesn't have to be, and I don't need it to be, and THAT's why it was brilliant!

Maybe in time I’ll find some clever words to share here, but before that ever happens, I just wanted to share my joy and happiness … so thank you THE CW, ARROW, THE FLASH, SUPEGIRL & DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW = Y’ALL ROCKED MY WORLD!